Ten years with Sony Mobile

A successful project where software, user friendliness and interface has made 14 million users love their Sony mobiles a little more. Content and creation designed by Divine Robot.



To develop an application enabling Xperia users to manage updates, back up, and content transfers between mobile and computer.


To build a solution supporting a massive number of users compatible with a variety of regions with different technical standards all over the world. To design a user-friendly interface that can easily be understood by international users who lack previous technical knowledge. To match an intuitive interaction design with Sony Mobile’s brand and to enhance the interaction, building a stronger relationship between the user and Sony.


Development and UI design of the software Xperia Companion. With a user-friendly interface all kinds of users from across the globe can understand how to successfully update, repair, back up or transfer content between their mobile and a computer.


Today Xperia Companion is what iTunes is for Apple. Our software is just as complex with equally high performance, being used by ten million users worldwide.


Sony Mobile

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