Virtual Reality

Immersive technology reinvents your corporate communication – internal, external, sale pitches and upsells. Emotional event driven argumentation opens up for new marketing possibilities. Utilizing VR, MR or AR technology your company can offer unique interactions your customer will find hard to forget.

How can VR benefit your business?

For B2B-companies selling complex products that are delicate to transport, complicated to visualize or who are just getting stuck in mediocre communication – VR is the game changer that quickly and in depth will transform the perception of your brand. Instead of passively watching a video or listening to a presentation, your clients can get a virtual reality experience of your product and really understand its true benefits – as if experienced live.

Through VR technology a real interactive scenario is built, allowing your product to show off all its benefits through an immersive experience. Instead of spending big budgets on letting customers try your product in reality, VR will in a shorter time span and at a lower cost make it possible for a greater number of potential customers to try your product. A cost-effective way to generate more business.

Divine Robot – your VR partner

Boosting your business with VR

When used correctly VR can be a channel that completely rewrites the rules of brand communication. VR is a change in depth and a new playground that relies on knowledge and years of design expertise in order to deliver maximum effect. Make sure you choose a partner who can combine the latest VR technology with adventure, storytelling, and gamification to develop experiences that elevate your brand to new heights.

VR, MR or AR – three strategic business tools 

You can use a VR scenario simulating reality, or choose an imaginary visualization. Or maybe a mix of the two is your best option. There are no limits – the story you want to tell, the message you want people to understand: VR can deliver it in one immersive experience. For example:

Product presentations – give your innovations the attention they deserve and let your clients and customers experience all the benefits. Strengthen you brand by offering a live experience of it.

Capacity building – use VR for educational and training purposes. Let your personnel practice in an authentic situation and learn how they act and react in a real life. With the help of VR you can repeat the training and change the conditions to further develop and challenge your business competence in a cost-effective manner.

Security training – experience an emergency situation or a worst-case scenario through VR without any danger or risk of people getting injured. It’s also an effective tool to strengthen risk awareness within an organization.

Events, conferences and team building – let your personnel or your clients try Virtual Reality. Create an experience modelled specifically for your business needs, or just share a fun event strengthening relations in your team. We guarantee an experience that will give you something to talk about for the next few days!

Book an inspirational meeting at Divine Robot – visit us in our VR studio and learn more about how VR can help you reach strategic business goals.

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