We are always scouting for new talents who want to be part of our creative team. If you are a developer interested in VR, application development, gamification, and the future of technology you might just be the perfect fit.


When the answer is code

If you are passionate about code and believe in its power to move boundaries. If work challenges and solving creative problems is part of what excites you. Divine Robot will give you the possibility to constantly develop your skills and competence. Just ask yourself what you want to exceed at! We can provide an exciting and prestigeless work environment with friendly colleagues. Send us your application today and we might have a coffee tomorrow!

What role do you want to play?

Interaction design, 3D design, C++ development, game development, strategic business development and project management are some of our areas of expertise. You as a consultant, supplier or colleague are expected to take responsibility, share knowledge, and generate a positive prestigeless team work in your projects. In return you will have every opportunity to challenge yourself, the possibility to work with cutting edge projects, and a flexible working day.



What’s in it for you?

Utilizing cutting edge technologies you will be able to enhance your skills while working alongside fantastically friendly colleagues. Divine Robot offers flexibility with its hybrid office policies, and is constantly investing in its most valuable resource: you!


We know that you:

  • Are fluent in Swedish and/or English
  • Have a relevant background, preferably a degree in engineering or design
  • Have documented experience of team work
  • Are curious
  • Have the courage to turn your ideas into reality
  • Are ambitious and want to evolve your talent

What you'll get:

  • Autonomy and trust to do what you excel at
  • A team of very friendly and hardworking people
  • A desk in our newly refurbished, central Malmö office
  • Some flexibility in terms of working hours and work location
  • The ability to create a legacy in our growing company


A few words from the team:


"It’s a bleeding edge tech company with something for everyone. Love hard core programming? Cool. Want to do R&D? Cool. Tired of not having the freedom to try things? Come here. We’re small enough that you still have a chance to make a real impact on our future.
Plus, if you talk to AAA game studio people, we can talk about the fact that you will never experience project fatigue. That’s a huge topic in AAA since projects run for 4-6 years and the people who work on them come to hate them before they are done"
- Andre

"One of the reasons that Divine Robot is for me is that we have many different work responsibilities: I can work with animation, rigging, textures, modelling, designing, concepting and so on, while in a bigger company I would most likely have been doing ONE of those things full-time, which I don't think would have stimulated my creativity as much as with Divine Robot."
- Elise

"I enjoy being creatively free programming wise and be able to bleed into design including both sound and visuals. To also make friends with a lot of fantastic people who share your professional interests is an obvious bonus which glues you to the company. A fairly flat hierarchy where your views and suggestions are being listened to is also a bonus."
- Jonathan

"I think it's exciting that we experiment with new technologies and that our projects are so differing. And that it feels like limitless what we may end up working with. That we also have so much freedom and responsibility within the projects, planning tasks and work hours I think is a great privilege. And of course you :) "
- Björn

"I applied for a position at Divine Robot because it seemed to be a technically exciting company at the forefront. I find that much more enjoyable than working in the stone age. As the diva I am, it felt incredibly awesome to be part of something which I think is "cool", to be leading and innovative, a chance to take part in a journey which when it hits, a lot of limelight will shine on us. And I love the limelight. 
Add to that me coming from two larger companies, which are awfully rigid. It drives me crazy when things are slow. In a small company everything is very rapid, from idea to decision - and I love that. It also means that creativity is fast - and I love creativity. That is also the reason why I thrive and stay; I want to be part of the limelight! And, I get to spend time with a lot of creative, really happy people. And, of course: Fredagsmys!"

- Alexander

Want to be part of our team?