Yara – selling a product through MR

A creative and lifelike product presentation that through VR and MR lets farmers experience a modern way to fertilize their fields in a more efficient way.


To make customers and potential customers within agriculture understand the benefits of, and start to use Yara’s innovation the N-sensor.


The N-Sensor is an automatic system to optimize fertilization of fields. By optimizing the usage of fertilizers agriculture can be more efficient while reducing eutrophication. The N-Sensor is a product proven to be difficult to present in a traditional way. It has a risk of being perceived as too theoretical and complex and therefore of low benefit. Hence, it was crucial to be able to show a farmer’s reality and working situation to highlight how the sensor could improve successful farming.


A full MR experience and product visualization from the driver’s seat of a real John Deere tractor. By recreating an actual tractor in 3D and creating a lifelike simulation of what it’s like to work in a field. With authentic images, movements, and sound the users got a real understanding of the N-sensor and what it would be like to use Yara’s automatic system for fertilization.


Yara’s solution has gained a lot of attention and PR value. The Prime Minister of Norway has, among many others, tried the MR experience and afterwards told the press about what it’s like to fertilize a field. During Borgeby Fältdagar 2017, one of Sweden’s largest agricultural exhibitions, Yara drew the most visitors to their stand. Yara’s simulation has become an international success and has been translated into several languages.



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