We are proud of the results we deliver to our clients. Our ambition and goal is always to be a game changer for the companies we are working with. Let us present a few examples we are extra proud of:

Yara – selling a product through MR

A creative and lifelike product presentation that through VR and MR lets farmers experience a modern way to fertilize their fields in a more efficient way.

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Aimpoint – targeting the future

An ethical hunting simulation, providing a perfect training situation for hunters. The simulator, together with a web and app game, generated a profitable and efficient platform for both sales and brand positioning.

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Ten years with Sony Mobile

A successful project where software, user friendliness and interface has made 14 million users love their Sony mobiles a little more. Content and creation designed by Divine Robot.

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Divine Robot is your partner

Divine Robot is not a gaming company, we are a strategic business partner with expertise in game development. We know how to use the strength of gamification together with VR to create real business value. Over the last decade Divine Robot has developed many successful experiences for companies and brands. But there’s more. Our team also has the unique skills of how to use C++, AI, UI and UX design to ensure an engaging and intuitive experience in all our projects. And at its best, changing people’s reality.